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N-95, KN-95, surgical masks, IR thermometers, gowns, gloves, hospital beds

  • 911 Emergency
    Emergency supplies

  • Cardiology Needs
    Caridology supplies

  • Doctors Protection
    N-95 masks

  • Hospital protection
    Hospital supplies

  • Beds and wheelchairs
    Hospital beds

Our impact is statewide and national

We are an official distributor for five top medical supply manufacturers, ready to provide the most needed medical items including FDA-certified N-95 masks. We are based in Dayton, Ohio. More
Our mission is to make available all the critical medical supplies that are in shortage in America
We know supply chain and logistics like no other - and our vision is to be the best medical supply company in Ohio and beyond
Medical Supply Sales
If you cannot get critical supplies, let us source it for you - efficiently and on budget.

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American Power is providing a large number of emergency supplies to combat COVID-19 See all Specialities

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