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    American Power’s USDOT number is: 2431624 Our MC number is: 838281 Our D&B DUNS number is: 079 102 442 SCAC code: APWR We are also GSA certified, an EPA SmartWay partner, SYNCADA registered, enrolled in SAM.  ...
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Fast and Efficient

We strive to run our operations efficiently, effectively and in a highly professional manner. Our staff each have several years of experience, are multi-lingual, and can think on their feet.

Caring about the environment and for sustainable communities

Our company and its founders are strong believers in charity, having co-founded multiple nonprofit charities, being members of “green” and environmental organizations, and making sure that our fleet of trucks use newest tractors that exceed federal and state regulations.

Dedicated Team

Members of our company

Each of our team members brings something unique to the table, but all have two things in common:

1) at least three years of experience in the transportation industry, and

2) passion for work. Our teammates are all multi-lingual, well-traveled, persons who understand logistical challenges and are ready, able and willing to think fast on their feet, and resolve every challenge that the Gods of transportation, whether Hermes or Mercury, throw at us.


Our origin

The founders are immigrants to this great land. When they first came to Dayton, this formerly shining city was experiencing a very high rate of foreclosures, rise in crime, and some 50% loss of population. In part thanks to their efforts, entire neighborhoods were revitalized and turned around, new small businesses started, tax base replenished, and therefore crime reduced.

The founders come from a strong culture of travel and transportation life, and unsatisfied with the state of affairs in the transport and logistics business, decided to try to create a company that would be faster, more efficient, more caring and fair to team members and customers, whilst at the same time be among the leaders in the industry.



We are headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, the city which is strategically located within a radius of 500 miles of where 60% of U.S. population lives. Dayton is centrally located in southwestern Ohio. We have one of the largest 90-minute markets in the country, and an easy access to transportation networks.

Whether we are shipping through the Dayton International Airport, or utilizing the I-70/75 interchange, we can quickly reach customers near and far. State Route 35 and State Route 4 provide additional connections to cities across the region. Ohio’s railroads provide access to markets nationwide. Dayton is also one of the most bike-friendly cities in the county – but we promise not to ship your cargo on even the most toughest bikes.

St. Onge, a logistics consulting group, did a comprehensive study in 2014, which found that Dayton is one of the best logistics locations in all of the U.S.

what we offer


Fast and efficient process

Many promise that – but we deliver.


Pricing lower than our similar-sized and larger competitors

We are not competing on price – but we do compete on overall value, where our prices are consistently lower or among the lowest, whilst speed of execution and worry-free handling of the cargo, topped with our commitment to environment and sustainable future, make us the leaders.


Nationwide / coast-to-coast service

That’s right – you need California? Texas? Florida? New York? Washington? Ohio? We got you covered – we deliver nationwide. If there would have been a bridge to Hawaii, we would have delivered there, too.


Friendly team members that think on their feet

Do onto others as they would do onto you.


Minimum headache for you

If you have ever shipped anything large across the country, you’d appreciate that.